May 29: The Panic Group

May 29: The Panic Group

Members of the Panic Group performs Gernot Wolfgang: Sketch Book, John Corigliano: Violin Sonata, Juhi Bansal: Wings, and Paul Moravec: “Fantasia,” from Tempest Fantasy.

The Panic Group is a Los Angeles-based group dedicated to the performance of the music of our time. Featuring violinist Pasha Tseitlin, pianist Nic Gerpe, clarinettist Michele Zukovsky, and cellist Rebecca Merblum, the ensemble’s performances of contemporary music have been described as “exciting,” “virtuosic,” and “irresistible.” Engaging audiences with unfamiliar music through a combination of dialogue and uncompromising musicality, Panic has brought a variety of repertoire to audiences since 2009. Unique in their facility with works from different styles and periods—classical, contemporary, jazz, modernist, and world music-inspired—Panic’s performances feature surprising juxtapositions of works. On the cutting edge of new music, their repertoire includes pieces by John Adams, John Corigliano, Nico Muhly, and Jennifer Higdon, and they have collaborated with composers such as Gernot Wolfgang, Donald Crockett, Erica Muhl, and Juhi Bansal, commissioning, premiering, and recording new works. Recent performance highlights include world premieres of works for violin and piano by the composers’ collective Improvisatory Minds, a group dedicated to chamber music written by jazz musicians and consisting of Gernot Wolfgang, Michael Patterson, Ed Neumeister, and Bevan Manson.

Sunday at 6pm
Bing Theater | Free, no reservations required
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